Company Officers

With a strategic mix of professional backgrounds, The NetForce Global leadership team has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. We remain on the cutting-edge of the wholesale screening industry. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the following fields:

  • Background Screening
  • Law Enforcement
  • International Compliance
  • International Vendor Management
  • HR Management
  • Ed Etzel – Chief Executive Officer


    As the co-founder and CEO of NetForce Global, Ed Etzel has maintained an active role in defining the company’s growth and direction. Mr. Etzel’s emphasis at NetForce Global on quality, innovation, and efficiency has allowed the company to grow rapidly to become a leader in wholesale international background screening.

    Having previously held senior level positions in Fortune 500 Companies, Ed is a seasoned sales and operations executive with an outstanding track record of leadership and accomplishment—both in domestic and international environments.

    Prior the launch of NetForce Global, he was the Vice President of Worldwide Sales at HireRight. Additionally, he has held the position of Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales at Intermec, and the Americas Software Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard.

    Ed earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Masters of Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior.

  • Fred Giles – President

    Fred Giles joined NetForce Global in January 2018 as the President. As President, Fred is responsible for the overall operation of NetForce Global and for ensuring world class customer support to clients.

    Fred is an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience as a senior executive with leading background companies. Fred has also served in leadership positions with NAPBS including Chair of the Government Relations Committee and as a Past Chair of NAPBS itself. Currently, he serves on the Finance and Leadership Development Committees, and on the Background Screening Credentialing Council which oversees the NAPBS Accreditation program.

    Fred has also earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS, is a licensed private investigator and a former law enforcement officer in Chapel Hill, NC.

    Fred earned a Bachelor Degree from Syracuse University and completed numerous in-service training courses at the North Carolina Justice Academy.

  • Dan Etzel – Chief Operating Officer


    Dan Etzel joined NetForce Global in March 2010 as the Chief Operating Officer. As the Chief Operating Officer, Dan is responsible for logistics management and oversight of support services within the NetForce Global network.

    Prior to joining NetForce Global, Dan held a federal law enforcement agent position for 12 years with United States Customs and Border Protection in San Diego, California. During this time, he was responsible for interdicting human and drug smuggling activities along the international border.

    While performing investigative duties, Dan coordinated closely with officials in other government agencies and also acted as an international liaison. His federal law enforcement background has provided NetForce Global with valuable law enforcement insight into the private sector screening industry.

    Dan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado.

  • Joan Grondin – International Compliance Officer


    Joan Grondin joined NetForce Global as a consultant in 2010, and a short time later was recruited as the International Compliance Officer. Joan’s key responsibilities encompass product management including product development, alignment, research, and compliance. She is instrumental in assuring each NetForce Global product meets a broad set of compliance standards worldwide.

    With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Grondin is a veteran in the employment screening industry. She began her career as the Director of Criminal Operations at Application Profiles. In 1998, Joan joined the Corporate Work Place Solutions team in Alpharetta, GA as the Director of Product Development. She was then promoted to Assistant Vice President of Product Development and Management.

    Joan is a member of the National Association of Background Screeners and currently serves on the International committee.

  • Holly Beton – Customer Solutions Officer


    Holly Beton joined NetForce Global in 2010 as the Customer Solutions Officer. In her role as the Customer Solutions Officer, Ms. Beton is responsible for the development and execution of NetForce Global product and service offerings based on customer and industry needs. She actively collaborates with the Vendor Relations Manager to ensure product and service adaptability, availability and quality.

    Over Holly’s career, she has worked for Fortune 100 companies including Hewlett-Packard and Network Appliance in IT and HR product development roles. Prior to joining NetForce Global she most recently served for five years as Director of HR for a San Francisco Bay Area employment organization.

    Holly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication, with a minor in Intercultural Communication, from California State University, Chico.

  • Lori Stegall – Vendor Relations Officer


    Lori Stegall joined NetForce Global in 2009 as the Vendor Relations Officer. As the Vendor Relations Officer, Lori is responsible for maintaining vendor compliance, vetting, and coordination. Ms. Stegall facilitates vendor communication and utilization in order to optimize NetForce Global’s product offerings.

    Ms. Stegall has a 20 year career history in the worldwide distribution & supply industry. Prior to joining NetForce Global, she held a position with MTS Inc. managing activities at their US import product distribution center. She was responsible for purchasing and product management and also acted as an intermediary to overseas suppliers within the distribution network.