Reliance on international background screening at the HR level is on the rise as more companies expand globally. Additionally, companies are becoming more aware of the cost and risks associated with a bad hire. Awareness of the benefits and adoption of international background screening is increasing around the world.

NetForce Global has developed a robust screening platform and stands ready to provide solutions for companies in need of wholesale background information and verification. Our worldwide network of researchers include experienced professionals specializing in background screening, private investigation, law enforcement, security, court service and criminology fields.

Exceeding customer expectations is our top priority at NetForce Global. We offer these highly valued benefits to our customers:

  • Search requests are submitted and retrieved through our user-friendly interface NetForce Global online system.
  • NetForce Global is a virtual worldwide company; our screening data is updated 24 hours a day.
  • Our best-in-class worldwide researcher network enables us to provide faster turn-around times without compromising search quality.
  • In-house compliance oversight helps to ensure that our screenings are compatible with applicable in-country laws and regulations.
  • NetForce Global is a trusted partner with our customers; whenever there are questions, we stand ready to respond with fast and accurate information.