Q: Is it difficult to gather processing requirements and order international background screens through NetForce Global?

A: NetForce Global makes it easy. Our proprietary software order and retrieval system allows for customers to easily enter requests and upload documents for processing. The system can integrate with the customer’s ordering system, tying all processing requirements for any given search directly with the HR professional, and the candidate allowing for a seamless experience.

Q: How is it possible to obtain criminal background screening data in foreign countries?

A: All countries maintain some form of criminal records. Information is retrievable by utilizing the appropriate resource for a particular country. Country-specific customs and social norms will determine the types and comprehensiveness of the criminal information that can be obtained and transferred overseas.

Q: How expensive is International background screening?

A: International screening is generally more costly than domestic screening in the US; however a number of factors have helped bring overall costs down in recent years. An overall increase in international automation of records management has helped to reduce the cost of many criminal searches. Additionally, the increased prevalence of local in-country researchers worldwide is resulting in lower fees associated with data retrieval. As the demand for International screening increases, economies of scale will continue to reduce costs.

Q: Is information gained from international screens fallible and less reliable?

A: Countries continue to improve on their record keeping. There are a greater number of professional researches performing searches, and although many countries exhibit cultures and ethics different from the US, every measure possible is taken to help ensure that accurate data is provided.

Q: What are the average turnaround times for international screening?

A: Our NetForce Global automation allows for 24/7 data collection, and the overall time service for the 20 most commonly requested countries averages approximately 6 days. The majority of criminal record searches that NetForce Global conducts take an average of 10 days or less.

Q: What is the criminal “hit” ratio?

A: NetForce Global accurately returns hits to customers on a regular basis; however the hit rate for international searches is generally lower than comparable domestic searches. NetForce Global diligently reviews all available data to provide the most reliable and valid hit information possible.

Q: In the US we have the FCRA at the federal level and many different state laws that govern background screening, are there any such laws overseas?

A: Yes. The European Union, Asia, Canada, and Latin America have all adapted some form of data privacy legislation. Additionally, many countries are currently in the planning stages of developing different forms of privacy legislation. Country data privacy laws vary greatly in some instances.

Q: Do you have locations overseas?

A: Yes, in addition to our two U.S. offices, NetForce Global has affiliate locations in Brazil, China, France, the UK and South Africa.

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